The Sovereignty of Persuasion

Shane Eide

March 9, 2018

Sovereignty Reconfigured

Shane Eide

January 8, 2017


We do not know what we're capable of until we've pushed ourselves to go as far as we can. A few things are needed on this journey. One needs rest which goes beyond sleep. One needs a sense of inner calm that cannot be perturbed by the fleeting stimuli which sap us of our energy on an hourly basis. One must stop feeding those feelings which keep one atrophied in the face of all agency.

All people are equipped with varying degrees of agency, and one can only scale this gradation if one finds the proper means to measure it. One must be familiar with

Impotence and The Divine

We have pushed being to the ends of our fingertips, canceling its outward reach. We grasp forever in the darkness, not stopping at daybreak, hoping to possess this or that fragment, to invest into this or that vessel some likeness by which we can then appropriate the whole back into our being. We renounce that which resists us, that which didn't want us anyway; namely, an object inside of consciousness which we suppose is also responsible for consciousness. We feel, with the passions, a sense of eternal privation and mistake this for the emotive force, the dynamic will driving all phenomena.