Shane Eide

July 1, 2018

Where Resemblances Begin - Gore Vidal

Shane Eide

June 30, 2018

Political Identities Are Like Religions (and Vice Versa)

Shane Eide

December 29, 2017

Gun Control and the Psychology of the Left

Shane Eide

November 15, 2017

Talk First

This is always a better solution to civil war, even if they spoke past one another and often failed to meet each other's points. 

Tracing the Lineage of a Radical Center

I've been interested for a while in a political Center which would be far more radical and removed from the 'centrism' claimed by moderate politicians of the establishment. The position I envisioned would be radical, not in its fusing of radical elements from both the Left and the Right, but in its reading and interpretation of history through the lense of an attitude of 'apoliteia,' along with emphasizing a theory of sovereignty designed for the projection of a configuration of society in which people could be 'freed from the political;' a phrase Marxists might suppose could only happen through a form of bureaucratic socialism as Zizek contends, Traditionalist conservatives might suppose  could only happen through tribal culture and the family unit, and anarchists will resolve themselves to experience in some Fleeting Autonomous Zone.

  Now, granted, each of these apolitical-political schemes might work for specific covenant communities, but the question remains, how do we get to this panarchial Garden of Eden in which radically different neighbors can share the same countryside without butchering and bombing one another? You've already gotten the question wrong if you suppose that your own favored form of sovereignty would be the best for every group.

What's Left?

In his 1927 “The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism,” Mussolini clearly states “this will be a century of authority, a century of the Left, a century of Fascism,” which came from Jane Soames’ 1933 authorized English translation.  Source

It's not simply a pajorative to assign Fascism a place on the Left. It is, simply, historically honest.

The Theater Of Violence-Activism Is Performed At The Expense Of Civil War

Charlottesville, Sacramento, Berkeley — we’re watching a microcosmic re-enactment of Weimar Republic brownshirt-vs.-reds violence in real-time, complete with the same flags being flown.  

No Kings to Behead

It's hardly surprising that lone gunmen are coming out of the Left. Their usual penchant for violent mobs can only go so far in what is quickly becoming a police-state west. The usual societal tensions that were once freed up and granted full expression in revolution don't have a world stage beyond social media. The days of large gestures are over since we've reconfigured sovereignty to sources which don't act as powerful of symbols; there is no king to behead. It seems that the natural eventuation of the Left would be to create its own symbols; maniacs as heroes fighting the avatars of an idea. I don't suspect that this behavior will be wholly accepted by the Left, but the Left dwindles and dries without martyrs. I

Mimetic Warfare

Rene Girard saw mimetic rivalry as the constant theme of man's downfall throughout history. A devout Catholic, though not necessarily a biblical literalist, he would have equated it, perhaps metaphorically, with the work of Satan. Men mirror the desires of other men and take what they have away from them to have it for themselves.