A Hectic Temperament

There are some of us who find it nearly impossible to put on a pair of pants in the morning. It gets done, but not all at once. One pant leg may reach its destination, only to wait for a sole sock to find its foot. Belt before shirt, jacket lain on bed with shirt in hand—some of us live our lives this way, completely scattered, having to constantly refocus on the tasks before us, whether these tasks be long or short term. Names have been given for these sorts of problems and dozens of medicines have been provided for each name. 

Public School=Public Whining

It has been said, less politely, that the difference between a Republican and a Democrat for a president is the difference between the meager choice of a red or a blue condom in prison. As for who will build the roads, libertarians have given up telling them that the free market will. Socialists have given up saying that some rotating union will. Anarchists have given up telling them that whoever wants to build them will do it themselves.

Practical questions, silly and as indicative of the state as they are, have been replaced with questions which presuppose the state without even the phantom of an alternative.