Keith Preston Predicts Almost Everything

Shane Eide

June 11, 2018

An Apocalypse For Every Persuasion

Shane Eide

February 18, 2018

Trump and Putin Grab Each Other By the Pussy

People will be speculating about what will come of the meeting between Trump and Putin for a while. As some of their respective fans are obsessed with what and what isn't 4-D chess in all of their actions, we will certainly be subjected to multiple interpretations from all sides.

Christopher Bjerknes seems to think that the Trump-Putin connection goes far deeper than what the mainstream media has been baying on about. It is his contention that Putin is trying to destabilize America's relationship with Israel so that he can swoop in, thus giving a stronger foothold in the middle east.

Debate as the Entertainment Sector of War

Debating with people whose ideology is fundamentally designed to destroy yours is a mindless expenditure of personal energy. It does, however, amount to entertainment. Recreational outrage is one more prop in the theater of social conflict. Case by case, onlookers can feel the benefit of an imaginary enemy facing humiliation, all the while, the stakes are getting higher and higher as the score keepers waiting beyond the realm of entertainment always act as if they're losing to ensure their own victory. Wars are the result of a conversation which ended, which never began or which is being wholly ignored. 

The Impossibility of Politics

Just what is meant when one speaks today of politics?