Viking Federalism


'Because of Iceland's geographical location there was no threat of foreign invasion, so the demand for a national military force was absent.'
'If a dispute was not settled by the private courts, the dispute would go up the ladder to the next highest court until the dispute was resolved.'
'The word 'godord' has two definitions. Godord represented a group of men. These men gave allegiance or alliance to a specific godi. A godi is the leader or chief who constructed a place of worship for his pagan followers. The godord was also a collection of rights, the right to represent the law making body of Iceland.'
'If a criminal would not pay his fine or submit to slavery, he was either outlawed or would possibly lose the support of his peers, depending on the severity of the crime, eventually discrediting himself.'

-All significant factors contributing to its 290 years.

'The lack of competition and the monopolistic qualities that eventually came about when five families cornered the chieftaincy market was one reason. These five families bought the majority of chieftaincies. They controlled the court and legal system to a significant extent. This meant that there were not as many chieftains to choose from. This led to less competition, creating opportunities for increased exploitation over the free farmers, eventually leading to a revolt against the 5 families.'

 -At least one significant factor as to why they didn't last 300.