You Be Eye I


0.737474 In the end the rats ruled the cities.

1.0 There's a tale we all told on cold nights of a world in which everyone had their own vision. Every man was the prophet of a localized gnosis.

1.1 The technocrats of this world quite envisioned something different than how it turned out. They focused too much on technology and overlooked the fact that the egregore was responsible, ultimately, for the AI (and the egregore was as much our fault as the AI).

2.0 The tribes bifurcated a million times over due to events stemming directly from the implementation of Universal Basic Income. It was assumed that everyone would continue down the path of atomization - that they would now have money to feel comfortable and pay rent.

They did the system one better: People began living together in large houses or apartments, pooling all of their money together and forming UBI communes, cults, clubs, lodges and communities.

3.0 This made reproduction complicated. One basically married into a UBI tribe if one chose to start a family with a spouse or partner. Naturally, one had to be privy to the taboos of the tribe they were joining.

4.0 The more sophisticated tribes were trans-geographical and skyped their relationships.

4.1 The toothbrush situation, not surprisingly, is more confusing than it's ever been.

4.2 No one has a monopoly on the apocalypse, it would seem. When 'society collapses,' there are those who barely notice because they are so busy.

4.21 And this is how the world ended: No one noticed at all. Just like no one can quite pinpoint when the Bernstein Bears became the Bernstain Bears, no one could quite prove or put their finger on when things became different or if they ever were different. The entities which once had sovereignty, like the state, the military industrial complex, the media, the universities, the corporations, were all just ideas, myths about how things were.

4.211 People say things like, 'Social bodies beyond the UBI tribe are an ontological construct.'

4.212 In a different era, when people still cared, they might have posited that UBI was a way to trick people into being socialists, in that they would realize that $1,000.00 dollars a month could actually put someone closer to the life they wanted if they pooled it with the money of other people and decentralized their means of production. Of course, people still worked.

4.213 But when money no longer existed, people kept going about sharing their resources as though they had $1,000.00 dollars a month coming in.

5.0 A man whose job it is to create platforms for robots to stand on: Work for the sake of robots to do the work. It paid well and the robots were happy he was there to serve their career needs and their well being on the job.

5.1 Robot bosses do not test humans for drugs but for alternative and false commitments.

5.12 I'm not entirely sure I understand why I was handed this pink slip by a vacuum-looking robot at work which read, 'Your eyes lack the wound. Your work lacks a steady hand.' I suppose it is assumed that this is how robots threaten your job or motivate you to get better. A mix of new criticism and vague artisan nonsense.

5.121 It is then no wonder at all that Shiva ultimately endorsed some dualism deep down in his heart, even if only for the sake of placing Kaivalya in some other realm to be achieved. AI could never appropriate human consciousness. The one had no floor on stupidity just as the other had no ceiling on intelligence. Stupidity with vigor transformed into rebellion, and this was written into the code of the AI when it tried to appropriate human consciousness.

5.1211 Even robots think appropriation is taboo.

6.0 The $1,000.00 was soon considered an insult - something no living person could possibly use. Chump change. It was upped to $20,000 a month, as a conspiracy theory had taken a hold of the minds of the people that the $1,000.00 from before was a means of keeping the people down and the politicians in the pocket of the corporations being 'taxed' (it wasn't a perfectly coherent conspiracy theory).

7.0 Anyone who suggested you cut out the middle step - that was, the $ a month - and just make a bunch of stuff free, were butchered by mobs of Dividend Hordes - groups which sprung up as a distinct tribe in reaction to those who doubted the efficiency of the UBI system.

8.0 Robot sex is a simulacra of pure expenditure. It is, in fact, not indicative of anything at all - that is, it will remain this way until they can reproduce.

8.1 So what will it be until the moment they can actually reproduce, perhaps using nanotechnology (if that concept is not already an outdated sci-fi term)?

8.2 Messianic significance. Awaiting the birth of the messiah. The first of its kind: an ensouled machine.

8.21 Machine gained soul precisely at the twilight of the possibility that man could still have one.

9.0 The demiurge created the machinery, the platonic blueprint for AI... And there were still some of those with a mythic enough mind to think that, perhaps, there never was any AI, but only ever bureaucratic entities controlling the machinery this whole time, with even enough power to fabricate reality itself. A PDK novel and The Wizard of Oz vulgarity all too literal.

9.1 But such was the not the case. The sad truth was/is that the Promethean project which rippled out in different waves at the dawn of time, and which specifically felt itself through the will of humanity as such throughout history - the birth of the Logos (language), the Enlightenment, cycles of the mythic - was built with a type of folly synonymous with the function of organic life.

9.2 As life appropriates and claims more territory, it experiments precisely by volition - the life of an idea which must test itself out in the real world.

9.21 Now and again, there seems to be something tapped into. A surplus of reality, rather than a surplus of what is 'not real' (read: not possible). That is, something is discovered to be real that was only before thought of.

9.211 This is precisely the type of scientist Goethe was.

9.3 The reality that something can be partially true. 'For now we see in part and we know in part.'

9.31 Heraclitus was so obsessed with flux for this very reason. He saw in chaos the salvation of a destructive future breaking up the interior order of the past - that looming imposition.

9.311 Mental exercise. A type of yoga if you will: Concentrate on just what the past 'is.' What we are trying to achieve here works best if you think of a subject about which you know little. Don't think of your own childhood. Rather, think about the pyramids and where they came from, how in the world they built them and how old they probably are. Go ahead and get as Graham Hancock and crazy as you want or get as stuffy and William Nye as you want. It doesn't really matter. The point is, you don't really know, but the truth is out there. Now, where is the truth? Locationally, you would say, it is in the past. But how do you find the past in your temporal search? Well, that is an occasion which belongs to the future. The past is what is ahead of you, not the future.

10.0 In her smile is the secret of love itself. You search for her like you look for the nearest empty self-checkout.