You Won't Find Us


From forthcoming The Burning Block Vol II - No. 9

We don't vote according to any consistent pattern.

We watch the same shows you do.

We shrug when someone talks about the wall or the war or work and say, 'it is what it is I suppose.'

That's why you won't find us. We're just like you.

In fact, we are you as we are among you.

We dress weird and we dress normal as occasion and mood permits.

Some of us attend church or funky eastern places of worship. Some of us sleep in on Sunday, eat reheated pizza and watch interviews on how to market rocking horses on YouTube.

We say the same vapid things you do. We say, 'I don't like either candidate.' We complain about how many more cops patrol the streets but we call them when suspicious homeless people show up for longer than we need them to appear kindhearted.

We're normal in our lack of normality.

As we are like no one else, we are like everyone and likewise, as we are like everyone, we are like no one.

We agree with you. If we don't, we agree to disagree, or stare off into the ether and say 'yeah' thoughtfully as though too exhausted to exercise our private convictions.

We text you back a day after you texted us. Our email inboxes have far more waiting for us than our Twitter feeds.


A kid at a job I worked recently told another, 'Man I wish it was like the 90's again. Everyone was so loving and easygoing.'

I made the mistake of chiming in with my own opinion. 'In the 90's everyone was jaded and angry.'

'I know right?' the kid said with a smile, and continued on as though he hadn't actually heard what I'd said but just wanted to acknowledge me to be polite and, perhaps, appear like someone from his version of some 90's that never was, which he never could have lived in anyway.


We blend in, precisely because there's nothing to hide.

We want people to care that we don't care and are dismayed when they don't either.

Somehow, it gets harder to appear normal, even as being odd is normal. The trick is to be just odd enough.

Nothing can pin us down. We're not straight-laced but we're not criminals. We're not straight edge but we're not hedonists.

Nowhere is home and yet, home is never far.