Bless you, pay me


If you’ve been wondering why posts on this site have been sparse the past couple of months, you need not worry. I don’t have writer’s block. In fact, I have a bunch of stuff I just haven’t been able to post due to unforeseeable circumstances.

I appreciate everyone who has supported the site and bought my books or issues of The Burning Block. It especially helps in recent times, as several bits of trouble have found me - everything from car trouble to medical issues. I’ve unfortunately had to miss work. Every contribution helps me and my family get back on our feet and pay a few bills with more ease.

Recently, I went to social media when the most immediate issue I faced was car trouble. I made a simple offer of service in exchange for payment: for $5 dollars, I would write a poem. I was quite happy to discover just how many people were willing to help (or who just really like poems?) and appreciate every gift I was given.

But it’s time to extend this offer to the website, as I’m not in the position to do so. Aside from the trouble I mentioned, I also have a series of goals I’d like to meet, all of which are not free. For instance, I hope to start a podcast in the future with my business partner, Kathryn (who also happens to be my wife). I would also like to get all of my books and all issues of The Burning Block into print.

Here’s what you can do to help us meet that goal.

If you donate at least $5.00 to me via Paypal, I will write a poem of any subject or theme you like, within reason. Unless you’re donating a considerable amount, I’ll veto the subject or theme if it’s something dumb like ‘purple pancakes’ or a single body part or something like that, at which point I’ll contact you and ask for a new theme or subject. Once the poem is finished, I’ll email it to you.

Once the poem campaign is over, I will edit all of the poems into a poetry book and list each of you in the ‘thank you’ page as people who made the book possible. I’ll even send you a PDF of the book once it’s done.

Every bit helps. If you don’t want to do that, buy my books and my zine, The Burning Block. I think they’re good. I think you will too. If you don’t, you can donate anyway. Maybe you’d like to help an artist achieve a few of his dreams.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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You can get access to all of this by clicking on the respective links in the sidebar.

Have a nice day.