The following are links to other material of interest which may approximate in content or share an affinity with Emergent Hermit on a discursive, philosophical, spiritual or aesthetic level. Some of these sources are, in fact, at great variance in their precepts and metaphysical foundations from us. Emergent Hermit does not share all of its opinions with the providers of content below, nor is Emergent Hermit in any way responsible for the content found in any of the sites below. This list is by no means complete or representative of the entirety of our online affinities; thus, it is always growing. If you feel you belong on this list, feel free to email us at tell us a little about your content or site and what you think it has in common with us. We make no guarantees as to what we will find it within our best interest to link to, but this should not lend one to the conclusion that we have hard feelings toward you or even that we aren't interested in what you're doing. In the spirit of community and free inquiry, we seek to encourage curiosity in the following sources for the sake of enriching dialogue.