PRIVACY STATEMENT is devoted to providing literary content for the sake of entertainment, pleasure and education. It is owned, edited and operated by Shane Eide, an author of works spanning many genres, all of which can either be found on this site itself or through links on this site. In order to enhance your experience and for mutual safety, there are a few ways collects your information. It is our intention to make the ways in which we do this as transparent as possible so that you may a): know ahead of time that we are doing this b): know how we are doing this and c): know how to opt out of whatever it is possible to opt out of in the way of data collection.

Below is a list of ways we collect information:

  • This site uses cookies for the purpose of generating analytic reports about where traffic is coming from. This is meant to both protect us in the event of malicious cyber attacks and to optimize our content to suit viewer needs as we grow as a platform. I.P. addresses are listed for up to 31 days for this purpose. However, I.P. addresses are not collected, kept, sold, distributed, saved, spoken about or used for any commercial purposes beyond the above mentioned.
  • If you send or have ever sent an email message to the email address listed at the bottom of this site,, the email address from which you sent or will send us a message may have been or may be added to an email contact list. We do this in order to keep a convenient method of communication with you in the event that you require or want ongoing communication with us. EMAIL US AT AND ASK US TO REMOVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FROM OUR CONTACT LIST ANY TIME AT YOUR DISCRETION AND WE WILL REMOVE YOUR ADDRESS IN A TIMELY MANNER WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You will recieve a reply stating that your request is being processed and that you will be removed from our contact list.
  • If you comment on a blog post at, you will have the option to 'subscribe to the thread via email,' at which point you may provide your email information in order to recieve updates about follow-up comments to the same blog post. This is done in order to more easily involve you in the dialogue to which you have contributed on this site. If you no longer wish to be updated about the respective thread to which you contributed via email, or if you no longer want your email information saved, email us at and ask us to remove said information, in which case we will do so in a timely manner.
  • is an affiliate of and often includes links on blog posts and other pages to relevant products such as books, magazines, author pages and more. When clicked on, these links take the visitor of to an Amazon page relevant to the content of the link. Any product that is purchased from from that respective browser window will grant Shane Eide a small commission. On Shane Eide's affiliate account dashboard, it is possible for him to keep track of the number of clicks visitors have made from He is not able to collect information about the source of the clicks. DO NOT CLICK ON SAID LINKS IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO HAVE THEM APPEAR ON SHANE EIDE'S DASHBOARD AT AMAZON.COM.
  • If you click on the 'Donations' page, you will see a number of buttons with different donation options. If you choose to donate, it will be via Stripe, an international, reputable payment website, which requires everyone to create a personal profile. Stripe processes credit card information, to which and Shane Eide do not have access.
  • If you click on the 'PayPal' link in the sidebar, you will be redirected to Shane Eide's PayPal page, at which point you will have the option to donate money to him via PayPal. Shane Eide may collect your email information from PayPal in order to send you a word of thanks or provide you with ongoing service. You can opt out of this at anytime by messaging Shane Eide via or by emailing and Shane Eide do not have access to your credit card information via
  • If you click on 'Patreon' in the sidebar of, you will be redirected to Shane Eide's personal page, at which point you have the option to become his patron. Each patron member option is processed through Via, should you choose to become Shane Eide's patron, and depending on your membership plan, he may have access to your email address and mailing address. He collects these through in order to provide you services and gifts, including but not limited to ebooks, pdf's, zines and chap-books. YOU MAY OPT OUT OF BEING SHANE EIDE'S PATRON VIA PATREON.COM AT ANY TIME BY VISITING YOUR PATREON DASHBOARD. UPON YOUR OPTING OUT OF BEING SHANE EIDE'S PATRON VIA PATREON.COM, YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SAVED IN ANY FORM, UNLESS YOU CONTINUE TO CONTACT SHANE EIDE VIA PERSONAL EMAIL OR MAIL TO RESOLVE/CLARIFY ANY RESIDUAL ISSUES. YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IN SUCH AN EVENT WOULD ONLY BE SAVED FOR THE DURATION OF THE TIME YOU REQUIRED TO COMMUNICATE WITH HIM.
  • uses 'Feedburner' so that you can subscribe to new posts. It may collect your email or personal information so that it can update you on new blog posts from You may opt out through Feedburner at any time.

EmergentHermit WILL NOT

  • Sell your information to other parties
  • Give your information to other parties
  • Send you spam
  • Send you content which is not relevant or affiliated with
  • Save your email information on contact lists which are not on
  • Cross-save email lists - For example, an email address collected from Shane Eide's page will not be saved on's contact list, unless it is already there because the patron has chosen to contact through
  • Collect credit card information
  • Send you private messages without being contacted first
  • Collect data through cookies
  • Speak about any private transactions you have with on this site's blog or on any page on this site, except in the event that propper consent is given to to publicize an email transaction, i.e.: an 'Ask the Editor' event in which a blog post invites readers to email questions which will be answered publically, along with their questions.

Should you have any further questions, need any of this clarified or if you have any concerns, contact us at